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“…a 24 Carat Gold Facial at Fleur de Lys Medispa in Woollahra, Sydney. Yes, they literally cover your face in gold sheets (that’s me below). Cleopatra is said to have slept in a gold mask, the Japanese are totally into this kind of treatment, but it’s very new here; Fleur de Lys is the only place in Australia that does it. The next day, at 5.30am, the makeup artist doing my face for the TV show I’m filming commented on how good my skin looked. Off the bat! It certainly felt fuller and totally even (still does), and somehow got rid of the bags under my eyes!”

“Les Sens de Marrakech Argon Oil, $130 a small amount rubbed into your ends brings hair back to life. The pure stuff is best, but hard to get. Fleur de Lys imports it from Morocco. Be careful a lot of the brands use silicon, paraffin and other additives instead of the real thing. I also use it as a rich facial moisturiser in winter.”

Feature in SMH Essential Style By Megan Johnston

The Claim

“This upmarket take on the traditional bathhouse is said to relax and revitalise the body and mind while stimulating circulation and leaving skin smooth.‘”

The Process

“In ancient cultures, the bathhouse was a place to nude up, rub down and unwind. It was also very public, which could be why its modern-day counterpart hasn’t caught on so well. At the new Fleur de Lys Medispa in Woollahra, however, the hammam is private for only yourself and your attendant which helps explain the price. My treatment begins with choosing a scent. I sniff jasmine, verbena and orange blossom but opt for the more subtle amber and musk. A sauna session awaits, so I strip down to my smalls and duly wilt while listening to relaxing music. I then head into the hammam, a warm oasis with a heated marble slab. It’s a posh affair, with creamy tiles, lamps, a large mirror, gold basin and an urn. I lie down on the slab, where Liv, my masseuse, scrubs me all over with the scented exfoliant, which includes sea salt, Moroccan sand and argan oil. The scouring is invigorating. Then comes an all-over body clay covering, after which Liv washes my hair and treats me to a head massage. She pours buckets of warm water over me, hoses me off and pats me dry. We finish with a massage.”

The Verdict

“A slippery, revitalising and fun way to wash that will leave you polished and relaxed from head to toe”

Feature in SMH Life And Style

“A beauty salon in Paddington Fleur de Lys Medispa is offering ”gold facials”. Que? According to therapist Linda Wehbi, sheets of pure 24-carat gold leaf are applied to the face, which results in ”glowing, radiant skin” after a series of high-tech procedures worthy of a Stealth bomber are applied, including something called the ”ultrasonic nano mist spray”, which produces ”negative irons” to make the gold ”dissolve” into the skin.”

Feature in Cream Magazine By Antonino Tati:

“Several months ago I had the pleasure of visiting Marrakesh, Morocco, and got to experience a lot of exotic wonders for the first time, including a scrub and massage at a traditional hammam. It would have to have been one of the better massages I’d had in a long time; different to any form of body therapy trialled in Asia, the Americas or Australia. So it was delight that I was invited to new Sydney medispa Fleur de Lys to view their hammam and enjoy a traditional Moroccan-style body scrub and massage.

As their slogan states, Fleur de Lys really is “an oasis of luxurious indulgence” and its owners have taken traditional Moroccan aesthetics and therapeutic practices and ensured these are generously carried out – all in the heart of Woollahra, Sydney. For a typical experience, it’s recommended to try the ‘One Day, One Desert’ package, cost $300), a 90-minute treatment that involves full body exfoliation and body scrub using one of four instinctive fragrances (Jasmin, Amber & Musk, Orange Blossom or Verbena) to stimulate the skin and restore its radiance. The extraordinary scrub combines the natural exfoliating potency of sea salt and Moroccan sand with the restorative benefits of Argan oil (the oil name on every quality beautician’s list of recommendations). The exfoliation is followed by a full body massage, and the therapist will instinctively know whether to be more gentle or firmer, such as they deliver in actual Morocco. After your massage, you’re covered in oils and left to feel wonderfully blissed out; in fact you really do feel like you are in a new layer of skin.

There’s also the option of a ‘Royal Oriental Hammam’ (cost $450) that is tailored to rejuvenate both your skin and your hair. the treatments involves the application of traditional Moroccan black olive and eucalyptus to the body and hair, followed by a full body wrap made of Rhassoul clay and rose water. Rhassoul clay is mined from beneath the shafts of the Atlas Mountains. It has detoxifying, cleansing, degreasing and astringent properties and leaves skin’s clarity and elasticity, and hair’s sheen and texture – all at once!

But the standout treatment on Fleur De Lys’ extensive menu has to be the ‘Gold Facial’, a 100% natural rejuvenating facial that utilises pure 24 carat gold to deliver glow and radiance to your skin. The feeling of gold flakes covering your face and drying to create a comfortable mask is decadent to say the least. The results? The gold helps lift and firm the top of your cheeks, reduces the appearance of fine lines and sun damage, and eradicates free radicals, leaving you with, literally, a subtle golden glow. The cost of a ‘Gold facial’ is $399 and, just like gold bullions, it’s worth every dollar.

There are countless other treatments including electrolysis, starting at $35 a session, to waxing from $15 to $110. Prior or post treatment, Fleur de Lys staff will invite you to enjoy a mint tea in the gorgeously decorated salon lobby. The decor is opulent in its gold gilding and bold mosaic but not over-the-top. Indeed, this a stunning one-stop beauty shop that is well worth the visit.”

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