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Kiss Jet Lag Goodbye with our Luxurious Treatments, on September 2016 By Expedia

At Fleur de Lys Medispa we have exactly what you need to wash away the remnants of jet lag. Returning home from a trip is always a bit of a rough landing, not only are your faced with going back to work and your regular routines, but you’re also often suffering from the dreaded effects of jet lag.

We promise you’ll feel better after walking into the Moroccan décor and soft lighting of our spa. Beyond the instantly calming environment, our treatments offer the perfect combination of dermatological science with overall wellbeing, so you can say goodbye to jet lag.

If you only have 30 minutes to spare and you need to revive your face, choose a Power Facial, to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturise. The Energising Facial is what you need to restore vitality and reduce skin fatigue, so your complexion shines.

As you’re in a Moroccan-themed spa, take advantage of our traditional Hammam treatment to soothe every inch of jet lag away. You’ll be covered in black soap, scrubbed on a heated Hammam table and covered in nourishing clay and rose-water, leaving your feeling energised and relaxed all at the same time.

No matter where your travels take you, make sure your first stop once you land back home is Fleur de Lys Medispa, as recently featured in the Expedia article: ‘Recover from Jet Lag at These Spas’



Start Off Your Vacation Right with Our New Gold Facial, on September 2016 By Bupa

Here at Fleur de Lys, we are always on the lookout for the next great trend in the beauty treatments industry, and we are proud to be the first in Australia to offer the Gold Facial; this innovative treatment involves masking your face with the rejuvenating and luxurious properties of pure 24 carat gold to leave your skin looking great and feeling supple and hydrated.

We all know the devastating affect that sun and flying can have on our skin, Bupa Travel Insurance published a post about skincare tips for travellers, and we were happy to lend our expertise for the article. Read ‘Essential Skin Care Tips for Travelling’ for ideas on keeping your skin fresh, hydrated and beautiful while away.

We recommend that the next time you are planning a trip, book a gold facial both before you depart to get your skin started off on the right foot, making it easier to maintain your beautiful appearance while you are on the go.

Just in case you were enjoying your trip so much that you slacked off a bit on your regular beauty regimen, getting another gold facial upon your return can get you right back on track again. Give us a call to schedule your appointments today!



Treat yourself: Sydney’s best beauty spas to visit, on May 2016 By Fashion Weekly

Find out why Fleur de Lys Medispa is in three of Sydney’s best beauty spas.

Do you get so caught up in the day-to-day hustle that you neglect your beauty and body needs? Well ladies, it is time to take some ‘me-time’ because hard work deserves to be rewarded with indulgent pampering!

It is essential after all, not only for your body but also your mind to take time out to destress. Leave the guess work out of it; Fashion Weekly has collated a guide to the very best Sydney day spas promising total indulgence.

Whether you want to unwind with a luxurious massage, rejuvenate your skin with a facial or treat yourself with a complete day spa package; The Darling Spa, Espavita and Fleur de Lys Medispa will not disappoint.

Fleur de Lys Medispa

Fleur De Lys Medispa blends ancient Moroccan traditions with up to the minute spa practices, offering you a truly unique spa experience.

Fleur de Lys Medispa Sydney's best spa interior

The aromas, soft lighting, candles and authentic Moroccan furnishings stimulate your senses, whilst the expert spa team soothe, beautify and rejuvenate your skin using authentic, traditional, Moroccan techniques right in the heart of Sydney.

With an enthusiastic, passionate and attentive team of professionals who strive to create a relaxing atmosphere, Fleur de Lys Medispa has been chosen on consecutive occasions as one of the best day spas Sydney has to offer.

From body massages and spa pamper packages to medical spa treatments for singles, couples or parties; the spa has a wide selection for you to choose from. The passionate and qualified team use only the highest quality skin care products and techniques, ensuring an exceptionally luxurious experience.

At Fleur de Lys Medispa, dermatological science is combined with overall wellbeing, so no matter what your beauty concern, the aestheticians will cater a treatment to your needs.


FLEUR DE LYS MEDISPA – SYDNEY, Published on November 25, 2014 


The royal treatment, Moroccan-style

When a bit of pamper is in order, a Moroccan Hammam experience may not be the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, many of you may never have heard of it. Hammam rituals are popular throughout the Middle East but a fully traditional one like the treatment you get at Fleur de Lys Medispa in Woollahra, is a rarity in Australia. What is Hammam exactly? Well, imagine being treated like Cleopatra or the Queen of Sheba for a few hours. The experience is total body worship – voluptuous, warm and deeply stress relieving. The result? Like gaining a brand new body and shedding a tired old one.

“Sipping spiced apple tea whilst eagerly waiting for her treatment, one regular customer whispered,“The Hammam here, it’s better than in Istanbul!”

The Fleur De Lys Hammam treatment begins with 20 minutes in a cosy sauna designed to relax the muscles and open the pores. Then you are led to a warmed, low-lit room scented with aromatherapy candles, accompanied the soft tinkle of falling water. There on a heated marble table – the energetic principles of marble being essential to this treatment – you are enfolded in the soft wet embrace of water as traditional black olive eucalyptus soap is tenderly applied all over your skin.

Vichy Shower (2)

The next step is energising and surprisingly pleasant despite how active it is – you are scrubbed vigorously with Moroccan “kessa” exfoliating gloves to shed a full layer of dead skin cells. After another soft and silky cleansing with warm water, a soothing body wrap comprising a mix of rosewater and natural mineral rhassoul clay from the Atlas Mountains is applied to the body to oxygenate and brighten the complexion. A final cleansing and you are in for the best massage of your life! Using hot stones and essential oils from the orient (with an organic argan oil base), the whole experience is designed to combine aromatherapy, exfoliation and massage to give the body the most profound detox and relax on the planet.

The lady behind this incredible spa, Linda Wehbi, has certainly realised her vision. After a life-changing trip to Morocco where she experienced the medical benefits of Hammam and other traditional treatments, she vowed to be the first to bring these to Sydney. Four years later, the medispa boasts a dedicated following and a range of select French-Moroccan products to add exclusivity to a killer concept. Sipping spiced apple tea whilst eagerly waiting for her treatment, one regular customer whispered, “The Hammam here, it’s better than in Istanbul!”

Hammam Treatment Room

Of course, Fleur De Lys Medispa has a range of other incredible pampering treatments including facials, hair masks, laser, microdermabrasion – the list goes on. The menu is exotic and exciting, perhaps the most standout offering is the “Gold Facial” – a unique, 100% natural experience that utilises 24-carat gold, which is said to rejuvenate and bring radiance to the skin.

If you have only one spa treatment left to experience on this Earth, pray it’s this one!



Best Day Spa Sydney | Our Top 23 Spas In Sydney & NSW, Posted on April 2015,

Fleur-de-lys MediSpa | Woollahra

As one of Sydney’s favourite luxury day spas, Fleur-de-lys Medi Spa takes the cake with fabulous pampering and an exquisite atmosphere. The Spa’s Moroccan based treatments are specifically designed to produce relaxing sensations in the bodies and minds of their clients. MediSpa offers 7 distinct spa packages ranging in price from $500 to $195.

With options like Oxygen Therapy Treatment Facials and Intense Pulsed Light Photo-Rejuvenation, MediSpa certainly puts a spin on ancient Moroccan spa therapies. Relaxing, luxurious, and innovative, the Fleur-De-Lys MediSpa is an excellent place to spend a day de-stressing.




Best spas in Sydney, on September 2014 By The Daily Telegraph

Woollahra is a tribute to ancient Moroccan traditions offering a warm entrance to an oasis with calm settings, the scent of rare oils, soft candles and Moroccan adornments which will stimulate the senses and soothe and rejuvenate inner health and wellbeing.” 
The very best day spas in Sydney, on Jun 25, 2013 · By Traveler’s Digest 
Fleur de Lys Medispa

If you’re looking for something different to the average spa treatment then this Moroccan-themed medispa could be the perfect place. Located in swanky Woollahra, Fleur de Lys Medispa incorporates exotic lotions and potions along with quirky treatment methods in a tribute to ancient Moroccan traditions.

Fleur de Lys Medispa is the first in Sydney to offer the authentic Moroccan Hammam experience. Rare oils, soft light and atmospheric Moroccan décor make for a pretty special treatment. First, hop onto the heated Hammam table where guests are covered in traditional black soap and given a thorough scrubbing. Then they are washed down with buckets of warm water before a soothing clay mask mixed with rosewater is applied. Lastly, the treatment finishes with nourishing Argan essential oils, leaving visitors scrubbed, soothed and super soft.

Other treatments at Fleur de Lys Medispa include facials, massages and body scrubs incorporating ingredients like Argan shells, rice powder, beeswax and sweet almond oil. For an extra special treatment, opt for the Gold Facial, which sees lucky faces slathered in pure 24-carat gold.”

Sydney’s 5 Best Spas, on April 2011 By CNN Travel
Famous for its traditional Hamam experience, this spicy fragranced bathhouse and spa is a Middle Eastern mythical escape, just off Oxford Street.The heated marble slab, creamy tiles, gold basin and elaborate wall carvings might make people feel like Arabian royalty for a day.

A full body oil massage and exfoliating scrub is followed by a muddy body wrap.

Their unique 24-carat gold facial includes oxygen detox therapy and anti-aging facials.If you’re in for a romantic escape, they offer couples’ packages.”

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