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Dehydrated skin is skin that lack of moisture in the skin. Is usually confused with dry skin. The condition can affect any skin type.


Couperose also call “Broken Capillaries” or “Spider Veins”. A small dilated capillaries (small veins) usually appear on nose, checks and chin. this makes skin flush easily and go very red. The capillaries have lost elasticity and blood flow is compromised causing blood to pool in the area.

Sensitivity / Sensitised

Sensitive skin is genetically predisposed.Sensitive is common, particularly around the nose, eyelids and cheek area it can be associated with other conditions such as dehydrated, mature, allergic or acne skin. Some people are born with this type of delicate and sensitive skin.


This is a discolouration in the skin

Ageing Skin

Fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, uneven tone, loss of firmness of the skin are all change related with ageing skin. Age-related skin changes are result of genetically programmed changes and environment affects the skin.


Acne Vulgaris and Hormonal Acne

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