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Ageing Skin

Fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, uneven tone, loss of firmness of the skin are all change related with ageing skin.

Age-related skin changes are result of genetically programmed changes and environment affects the skin.

Skin Ageing occurs in 2 ways:

1. Mature Ageing Skin (known as Intrinsic or Chonological Ageing) It is the natural ageing process. The ongoing decline of bodily functions over time. Genes control how quickly the ageing process unfolds.

Mature Ageing and the skin
– Skin cells in the Stratum Corneum become aligned (instead of stack like bricks) which cause moisture loss.
– Melanocyte decrease and produce melanin irregularly, causing age spots
– Skin become thinner
– Blood supply decreases, starving skin cells of nutrients and oxygen and cause slow wound healing
– UVA rays over time destroys fibroblasts, in turn collagen production, causing wrinkles and sagging
– Capillary walls loss elasticity causing redness and couperose
– Fat cells decrease in size, causing sagging
– Acids mantle is weaker because of decrease in sebum production
– Collagen production slows down and elastin looses its “spring”. There is a decrease in cells turnover rate.

2. Premature Ageing skin (known as Extrinsic or Photo-Ageing)
It is daylight accelerating the ageing process . The decline of bodily functions only earlier, normally due to external influences such as UV radiation, alcohol, smoking and stress.

Premature Ageing and the skin
All of the above ageing signs can be seen on this skin, the cause are most importance and avoiding them and taking precaution to stop this process.
– UV radiation cause freckles, ages spots, spider veins, rough/leathery skin, fine wrinkles, blotchy complexion, actinic keratoses (thick wart like, rough, reddish patches) and skin cancer.
– Photoageing, ageing because of the sun can happen at stage of life but certain factors contribute to this, they are: skin colour, length of sun exposure over time, genetics.
– Facial Expression
– Gravity
– Sleeping positions
– Smoking, alcohol and drugs
– Pollution

Treatment solutions:

Facial Treatment

Anti-Ageing Peels

Oxygen Facial Therapy


Omnilux Light Therapy

IPL Phototoning and Anti-Ageing Treatment

Fraxel / Fractional Laser

Micro Needling

Radio frequency Micro Needling

Radio frequency Facelift

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