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Couperose also call “Broken Capillaries” or “Spider Veins”.

Couperose also call “Broken Capillaries” or “Spider Veins”. A small dilated capillaries (small veins) usually appear on nose, checks and chin. this makes skin flush easily and go very red. The capillaries have lost elasticity and blood flow is compromised causing blood to pool in the area.

Cause of Couperose:
– Extreme hot and cold
– Exercise
– Drinking hot liquids
– Eating spicy food
– Drinking too much alcohol
– Smoking
– Over exfoliating

How to taking care of Couperose
The most important thing you can do to take care of couperose is to use the products to strengthen the capillaries walls and calm the skin as follow:
– Use moisturiser and serum that contain Vitamin C
– Aloe vera
Cool water during facial cleanse
Minimise exfoliation

Treatment solutions:

LED Light Therapy

Omnilux Light Therapy

IPL Photo vascular Treatment

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