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Dehydrated skin is skin that lack of moisture in the skin. Is usually confused with dry skin. The condition can affect any skin type.

The characteristics of dehydrated skin are as follow:
– the skin has a fine lines and wrinkles
– flakiness
– feels tight or dry
– broken capillaries or spider veins (couperose)

Cause of dehydration:
– Tea, coffee, alcohol
– Incorrect products usage
– Antibiotic
– Drastic dieting
– Computer screens
– Smoking
– Not drinking enough water
– Not wearing a moisturiser
– Working in an environment with low humidity or in air-conditioned room
– General health if you have recently been ill with a fever, for example, the skin will have lost fluid through sweating.

Treatment solutions:

Facial Treatment

Hydration Peels

Oxygen Facial Therapy

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