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This is a discolouration in the skin.

There are 2 types:
1. Hypo pigmentation (Hypo – Low) causing by loss of colour in the skin (white spot) this one we can not help to fix.
2. Hyper Pigmentation (Hyper – High) causing by too much production of pigment. Example of Hyper Pigmentation are brown spots, freckles, sun-damaged, age spots and Melasma.

Cause of Pigmentation:
– Sun damages Melanocyte (Melanin cells) to stop produce Melanin (Hypo Pigmentation)
– Sun damages Melanocyte to overproduce Melanin (Hyper Pigmentation)
– Pregnancy – alerts hormones to become imbalanced (marks of Pregnancy “Cholasma”, ” Melasma”)
– Contraceptive pill (same as above)
– Laser burn
– Post acne scarring can lead to Pigmentation

Treatment solutions:

Brightening Facial Treatments

Brightening Peels


IPL Photo-pigmentary Treatment

Fraxel / Fractional Laser

Micro Needling

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